vmVaughn Mosher
Managing Director

Vaughn Mosher is somebody who makes a real difference in people’s lives. As a counselor and coach, Vaughn’s warmth and approachable manner lets individuals and couples feel they are spending time with a well-known and trusted friend while exploring new actions that effectively address old and current issues. His engaging and empowering style gently and easily bring to light the heart of the matter.

He has two Masters degrees in Behavioural Health and Social Psychology from Boston College and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. He is a member of the ICF (International Coach Federation) with a diploma from the Newfield Foundation.

Vaughn has been Managing Director since 1985, when Benedict Associates Ltd. was created to address personal and interpersonal situations affecting worksite performance issues. This concept was novel to Bermuda and employers discovered the two-fold benefit for their employees’ well-being as well as their company’s productivity. Today, nearly 65% of Bermuda’s workforce have Employee Assistance as a significant part of their benefit package.

Best part about my role at Benedict:
As Managing Director, I’ve had a hand in the evolution of all the additional services that have integrated with the Employee Assistance Core service. It’s gratifying to feel the credibility that has been established over time built on generations of administrators and counselors who have been a significant part of Benedict’s vitality. My role affords me the opportunity to hire talented staff and blend the many capabilities into a professional and efficient set of solutions for our customers.

I am most proud of:
Having brought into reality a vision from the 1970s integrating individual development, corporate HR growth, and organizational effectiveness . . . three areas historically addressed in isolation of each other.

To my practice I bring:
An appreciation of people from all walks of life and a belief that there is magic in helping individuals find their own willingness and ability to change circumstances that they may believe are beyond their control.

My outlook on coaching & counseling is:
That these concepts and professional interactions are really quite different from one another and should be utilized each for their own best application to facilitate change.

Values to live by:
Model to others that which you would want from them; temper your expectations to prepare for most anything yet gaze widely (rather than narrowly) in seeking specific possibilities.

Favorite place:
The Cotswolds, Nantucket, and my backyard.