With the help of Benedict, we now have created improved work culture and higher standards at Butterfield & Vallis.  If more companies would make this investment in their employees, we would collectively create a healthier work environment.

 – Executive, Butterfield & Vallis

Knowing what’s important for each unique co-worker vs. another is a key factor in the successful functioning of most offices.  Using fun and insightful tools and exercises, Benedict Associates helped us achieve these ideals, resulting in a more dynamic, meaningful and productive work environment for everyone.

– VP Claims, XLCatlin Bermuda

I have been involved on a professional basis with Benedict Associates for over 15 years, and have been the direct recipient of services including EAP, Management Development & Team Building, and company-wide training seminars.  In all areas of contact with Benedict Associates I have always found this agency to be consistent in achieving the highest quality in conduct and performance, regularly surpassing expectations.

– Human Resources & Training, Elbow Beach