JP2Julia Pitt
EAP Practitioner l Coach

Julia believes that each of us has a voice to be heard and a unique light to share with the world. She is dedicated to helping her clients discover and achieve their true potential and live with awareness, passion, fulfillment and authenticity to contribute to a brighter future.

A Personal Development Coach and certified NLP Practitioner, Julia trained as a protégé student with the Coaching Academy in London, UK and undertook further studies in Strategic Intervention with the Robbins-Madams Centre in California.  She uses coaching methods, tools, and an understanding of the processes of the mind to help clients define and achieve their goals.

A weekly contributor for The Royal Gazette, Julia’s coaching column, Steps To Success, tracks her personal growth journey and offers tips and tools for abundant and authentic living.

Best part about my role at Benedict:
Being part of the team of diverse talents and practitioner backgrounds that makes up Benedict Associates really supports the work I do. Sharing different approaches and best practices with our experienced group helps me to offer the best service to my clients. And knowing there are other skill sets to draw on and refer to if needed is both a comfort and offers opportunities for collaboration to most fully meet our clients’ needs.

I am most proud of:
I am most proud when I see the light come back into the eyes of someone I have been working with. I consider myself a facilitator, the work needs to come from the client and when a client taps into their true self or rediscover what makes them spark, or is once again excited about the journey they are undertaking, I feel absolute privilege and pride to be a witness and a part of that.

To my practice I bring:
A genuine desire to assist my clients in getting back to their true selves. And an empathy for the journey they are on. I know firsthand what it is to feel lost or stuck and losing hope and I also know from experience that these coaching tools and techniques really do help us shift perspective and rediscover our options to feel positive, alive and excited about life again. Recognising our strengths and skills and seeing the evidence that we already have what we need to make the changes we want is both affirming and liberating. I also aim to bring a bit of levity to proceedings. Laughter is such a great tonic and when we can find it, especially in our dark times – we remind ourselves of our many possibilities.

My outlook on coaching is:
I see coaching as a tool to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be, faster and more efficiently than you might be able to alone. Providing a safe and confidential space to be really listened to and heard, having the opportunity to voice thoughts, learning tools to help formulate ways forward to best suit the individual, and feeling the accountability and support of someone there to root for your success – coaching is a powerful medium for positive change. I consider it an honor to work with clients and share their trust. In return, I focus on bringing my best self to each session and strictly uphold the code of ethics of the International Coaching Federation, of which I am a member.

Values to live by:
Foster respect and compassion for oneself and others – we are all connected. Keep growing in love, awareness and an understanding of the human condition and strive towards our highest vision. Positively improve ourselves, our relationships, how we relate to our surroundings and ultimately spread our light into the community and beyond.  Live our Joy.

Favorite place:
Where I am, when I’m there…

Otherwise, drinking coffee on my best friend’s sofa, creating big ideas and cracking each other up!

“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive, and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive” ~ Howard Thurman