Burgert Clinical Specialist l Consultant

Burgert’s down-to-earth nature makes him someone to whom others easily gravitate and his support of clients happens skillfully and is often lived out in a respectful, practical and pragmatic way that really matters. As a therapist, his humility combined with a deep sense of caring for his clients makes him someone where you can feel you are “in safe hands”.

Burgert is both a Psychotherapist as well as an Organizational Effectiveness and Development consultant with over 20 years international corporate experience across a number of industries, including Financial Services, Insurance, Banking, Humanitarian, Construction, Police, Emergency Services, Retail, Publishing, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Health.  He has stood at the head of Human Capital functions within large organizations and has a keen business sense combined with a passion for developing individuals, teams and executives.

As a generalist he consults across various functions and as a specialist he partners with clients to solve their largest and most important challenges. Burgert also has further special interests in systemic organizational constellations, leadership development and mergers and acquisitions.

Burgert holds a Masters degree in Commerce with specialization in industrial/organizational psychology.  He has completed an internship with the renowned Liberty Group as intern psychologist.  He further holds a degree in Social Sciences with specialization in clinical psychology and has also completed training and is registered with the Systemic Constellations Association of Southern Africa.

Best part about my role at Benedict:

To be part of a group of professionals that lives and practices their careers according to the highest values and an organization that has a genuine capacity to broker relationships and to form alliances that serve community.

I am most proud of:

Being seen as a man of deep honor and to be well regarded and respected by the community of peers and clients that I serve.

To my practice I bring:

I believe I have the capacity to transform and bring good things to my clients, with an impeccable sense of loyalty and responsibility. I am deeply creative and open-minded and embrace alternative frameworks that explore new dimensions, while also being keenly organized and structured. I am reliable and committed and have a work ethic that is enlivened, creative and beautifully humane and fresh. To be pioneering and visionary.

My outlook on counseling and therapy is:

My view on coaching others is to help them potentiate authentically.  Counseling for me is to help my clients towards healing and wholeness.

Values to live by:

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.  It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – Nelson Mandela

Favorite place:

My mother’s kitchen with both my beautiful sisters, all talking at once.  Family bliss.

Sleeping under the stars in the Rub’ al Khali dessert. Hiking in the Drakensberge (Dragon Mountains) in KwaZulu Natal.  Waterskiing on the Knysna Lagoon.  Snorkling in the blue clear waters of Bermuda.