Dan Newby Flyer PtixJoin us on October 10th in celebrating World Mental Health Awareness Day!  Dan Newby, co-author of ‘The Unopened Gift: A Primer in Emotional Literacy’ will be taking Emotional Intelligence to the next level; delivering an engaging and interactive seminar on the vital role of Emotional Literacy in successful leadership and organizational health and wellbeing.

The Unopened Gift reveals what we have not yet understood about emotions. Instead of viewing our emotions as uncomfortable and as preventing us from achieving our full potential, we will discover how to value our emotions, embrace them as part of our everyday common sense, and use them as a tool to help us navigate more strategically through life.  We will come to understand that emotions are not at war with reason, and in fact play a vital role in rational thinking.

Organisations have traditionally minimized the role of emotions in the workplace, missing out on a vast resource for enhancing the work environment. A consideration of health and wellbeing at work includes how we feel about our jobs; how efficiently we perform; and how productively we interact with colleagues, customers, and clients. By becoming aware of the positive and intricate link between reason and emotions, we can maximise this relationship to create:

  • Increased self-expression in interpersonal interactions
  • more effective leadership
  • elevated motivation and performance

Appreciating the role of emotions in human interaction and having the skills to combine our knowledge of both emotion and reason can not only help to prevent mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, apathy and burn-out, but can also enable us to talk about such problems with more ease and comfort.  Learn how to break down the barriers to embracing the role of emotions and discover how to:

  • maximise the positive impact of our emotions
  • create a safer, happier and more productive workplace

Join us to Open the Gift and forever change your relationship with emotions.

“World Mental Health Day celebrates awareness for the global community in an empathetic way, with a unifying voice, helping those feel hopeful by empowering them to take action and to create lasting change.” – World Federation for Mental Health

The Unopened Gift: The Power of Emotional Agility in Workplace Wellbeing

Thursday, October 10, 2019 from 8:30 am – 11:30 pm at the Hamilton Princess Resort

Tickets available at $125 per person for the general public and $95 with PROMO Code for Benedict Client Companies

For additional information please email, use the form on this page or call Vaughn at 295.2070 x 321

Visit Dan Newby’s website to discover the School of Emotions



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